Worm Wood is a medicinal plant A hardy, herbaceous perennial, it can grow to 4 feet tall (1 metre). It is covered in silky silvery-white hairs and many oil-producing glands. Its stems are a silvery-green color, straight, grooved, branched, and covered in leaves. The leaves are alternate, a greenish-grey color on the upper side, and almost white and silky underneath. A type of wormwood, so named because it was traditionally used to cure intestinal worms. It has been used to repel fleas and moths and in brewing to make the liquor absinthe. It is also used medically as a tonic, stomachic, febrifuge and anthelmintic.


  • remove anger
  • inhibit violence
  • protiestion from courses

Negative Uses:Edit

  • bring strife and misfortune.
  • Balsam - wrath and revenge
  • Placed in path of hated one will bring bad luck for them.