Sandalwood is wood from the trees of the genus Santalum

Uses in Witchcraft:Edit

  • Necessary item in spiritual cupboards because of its potent protection properties.
  • As a sealer for entrances, gently blow the smoke of sandalwood around the doors and windows of your home, or leave some to burn in the entryways.
  • Sandalwood powder mixed with potting soil adds strength to the plant's root system.

Sprinkle the powder lightly at the four corners of your property, calling on the moon as an energy source for the shield you build to reflect negativity away from your home.


Sandalwood is used for incense, aromatherapy, and perfume, rather than building or carpentry, though temples have been built with sandalwood in India and retain the aroma after centuries. It is a deep base note and excellent fixative and is used to capture the head space aromas of other essential oils in distilling.

Sandalwood is considered in alternative medicine to bring one closer with the divine. Sandalwood essential oil, which is very expensive in its pure form, is used primarily for Ayurvedic purposes, and treating anxiety.