Mandrake Root grows in damp wooded areas of eastern North America and is of the deadly belladonna family also known as a nightshade. Displaying deep green leafy foliage that stands erect and small flowers above the earth, underground the root is deep white in color and resembles a human phallus and torso, often in twisted or forked segments. The Mandrake Root contains toxic hallucinogens and is not to be ingested. It can grow between 4-5 inches to 1-2 feet in length

Considered the most powerful herb for magical purposes.


  • Protection
  • Fertility
  • Money
  • Love
  • Health
  • Prosperity
  • excorsing evil

 Mandrake intensifies the magick of any spell. To charge mandrake root with your personal power, sleep with it for three nights during the full moon. A hallucinogen when used in tea- it has great power as a visionary herb, empowering your visions and propelling them into manifestation. A whole mandrake root placed in the home will bring protection and prosperity. Carried, it will attract love and couage.